American Girl Cake/Cupcake Tower


I simply printed a picture out of Chrissa, an American Girl doll and laminated it and put in standing up in an edible fondant heart. I am working on being able to make these printed figures, edible.

Transportation Theme Cupcake Tower - Airplanes, sailboats, and cars


This was for a 1-year-old little boy birthday party. I attempted to make an airplane like the one shown with a banner trailing from it's tail to write happy birthday on, but it was too heavy and broke. I thought it might, so I had already made the single plane just in case. Everything is made of edible fondant. The cake was iced with buttercream colored sky blue. I bought a set of mini cutters with all forms of transportation, but was not real happy with the shape of the airplane. It looks more like a bird to me. If anyone has a suggestion on how to accent the plane so it definitely looks like a plane, please email me!
This was 3 dozen cupcakes and a 6" cake on top. Fun, fun!

Number of servings in cake

Many people have been inquiring about serving sizes of my cakes. This is the chart I usually go by. Most of my customers say they get a little more than what this chart describes, but please use it as a guideline. The servings for my cakes, which are filled double layers is Column C.

Go Hannah! Go Hannah!


A request for a duplicate design of one of my previous Hannah Montana cakes. This is what 1 dozen cupcakes look like.

Bridal Shower Cupcake Tower- Carolina blue & dark brown color theme


This was for a bridal shower I did recently. All went really smoothly and turned out nice. Everything is edible fondant, except for the ribbon. Some of the cupcakes I covered in fondant per the request of the customer. I like that look!
I bought these cupcake liners (black) from Viking Imports and they are horrible!! This is my second time using them and both times they pull away from the cupcake as the cake cools. Why in the world would you make and sell a cupcake liner that doesn't attach to the cupcake? I just sat the cupcake down in to another liner and it was alright. I'm just going to use my plain old white ones from now on. They never fail AND they're bigger!
(This is 3 dozen cupcakes on my square tower)

Baby Shower 2-Tier Blue & Brown Cake

( Inspiration cake)

This cake was a chocolate and yellow marble cake with chocolate buttercream icing and then covered in fondant. Everything is edible on the cake. There were no cupcakes with this order. Man are those stripes hard! I'll have to practice that more.
Originally, the customer wanted the striped tier for the top tier and the all brown with circles for the bottom tier. However, I realized I would not be able to cover the stripes' ends. I will put the inspiration cake on here as well. You'll see the inspiration cake has another tier on top of the striped cake and therefore able to hide the unsightly ends. Again, I'm learning as I go here. Also, I have to work on the issue of the bulging at the bottom edge of the bottom tier. My cakes are SO moist and with the weight of the top tier, even with dowels inserted, it's causing a sinking affect. I may make my dowels a little higher so there is NO weight at all on the bottom cake. I'd hate to change my cake recipe!

Princess Castle Cupcake/Cake Tower


OK, so this cake was iced with cream cheese icing. I've never piped icing decorations on to a cream cheese iced cake. After the 40 minutes it was out and then to the party, the poor icing was melting. I've got to research if there is a certain type of icing that will stay stable on cream cheese icing. This was a fun one though except for that one glitch. The castle top is all made from edible fondant. The Sleeping Beauty figurine on top was added by the customer. The princesses along the side were pics I printed out. The upclose pic of the cake if prior to delivery.

The Powerpuff Girls Cupcake/Cake Tower


Happy Birthday Addy!
Prior to this order I knew NOTHING about The Powerpuff Girls. Now I do. The PPG logo is hand-cut from fondant. Piped, by hand with royal icing for the lettering. The pink balls around the bottom edge are candy-covered chocolates. The Mom supplied the PPG figurines and cupcake rings and picks. Without these, this cake would have been boring. They were great! Addy said, "Wow, it's so beautiful!" That made me happy.
The next morning after I put this cake together, this darn cake started to crack for some reason. I still think it's because my cakes are too moist and the weight of the fondant covering and embellishments weigh the cake down. Anyway, I'm still learning. I've only been doing this, what, 5 months maybe. All self-taught. Anyway, thanks for looking...gotta get back to a cake order!

Black and White with a little pink Cupcake Tower


Morgan, who was turning 8, requested a black and white theme cupcake tower. She also likes a little pink. Each cupcake was decorated differently. The cake is a 6" square chocolate cake, covered in fondant with an edible fondant bow with an edible broach made of fondant and edible pearls and edible fondant calla lillies. This was my first time making a bow and the lillies. Not too hard really. I thought they'd be harder. I used both black licorice and black royal icing for decorating the cupcakes. As well as fondant cutouts and hand-made bows. Fun, fun!

Mardi Gras!


This is an order for 100 cupcakes with a 2-tier cake. Mardi Gras Sweet 16 B-Day Party! How cool! I used cutters and molds for the mardi gras beads and masks for the cupcakes. I used a mold from Michael's to mask the fondant mask. I hand painted everything with luster dusts in various colors. My first time painting with them. Everything is edible! Even the glittery 16 on top! The best part about making cakes and cupcakes is the excitement when the customer sees them. They were sooooo happy!
The cake tower with the feathers was my inspiration cake.

Adult Birthday Cake - RED! COCONUT! Yummy!

(Back of cake)
(Front of cake)

This was just a chance for me to be creative and fun! This cake is for the daughter of a dear, close friend of mine. She gave me complete creative control! Happy Birthday Kat!
The flowers were made from fondant using cutters and molds. The cake is chocolate with white buttercream and of course covered in coconut.