My Halloween Orders...


I made 2 more Halloween/Birthday cakes and cupcakes this weekend. The piggies were for a 3-year-old girl who was dressing up as a pig for Halloween. This was just a cupcake order, no cake. These were iced in pink and the edible, fondant pigs I made for each one. I tried to tie the Halloween themed party in with the pigs by giving them masks.

Then there was a little boy turning 6. Again, another Halloween themed birthday party. There were 3 dozen cupcakes, 1 dracula, 1 mummies, and 1 dozen spiders. Everything was edible and made from fondant.

A going away party for a military collegue


He is being deployed to Kuwait this weeek and we threw him a small fairwell party!

Halloween Cake Cupcake Tower


This was a last minute order, but all went well. I used Peeps that were ghosts for the cupcakes and the Brach's candy pumpkins brushed with gold luster dust for the other cupcakes.

Autumn Cake/Cupcake Tower


Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year! I was so excited about this order! The birthday boy was Will and he was TOO CUTE. My little girl, Justine, loved playing with him as Mommy set up the tower.

Steelers Cake


This one is pretty self-explanatory I think. For a man's birthday who obviously LOVES the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is all buttercream and about 20 cupcakes.

Bunnies ad baseball theme cake/cupcake tower


What a combo! Twin boys Liam & Seth who were turning 4. One loves baseball and one loves bunnies. So the party was a combined theme. This was first attempt at hand-molding a fondant/gumpaste figurine. I assume I will get better with practice :-).
I forgot my camera on this delivery, so I am awaiting pics from the Mom.
It was so cute...they had made a baseball diamond in the back yard with spray paint (I guess) and they were having bunnies delivered for the party for the kids. So sweet! I think the fanciest thing I got for my birthday was Chucky Cheese! Ha!
This was a dairy-free order due to an allergy.

3 Tier Baby Shower Cake


This is my first 3 tier cake. It went fairly smoothly. I realize the strawberry cake flavor is harder to fondant than the others. It's more moist, I guess. It's the middle layer in this cake. More lumpy. The baby figurine was made by a GREAT, retired caker, Melissa Diamond. She will be teaching classes at GTCC starting in January. She is a master!

Barney, Minnie Mouse and Elmo Cake/Cupcake Tower


This sweet little girl wanted all 3 characters! She loves them all. There are 2 dozen cupcakes. This is my new tower that I now am selling if you're interested. It goes up to 8 tiers. These new towers are even prettier than my other ones! Sorry about the fuzziness of the pictures. My camera was on manual and I didn't realize it until later.

Cupcake Stands For Sale...

I will be starting to sell cupcakes stands that are clear acrylic, very sturdy, and very beautiful. These stands are more versatile than my current stands and will be able to be used separately as a stand for other items, not just cakes and cupcakes.
They should be available for purchase by the end of next week.
Please check back for pictures.

Birthday Cupcakes


A customer ordered these for her sister that has many titles.

50th Wedding Anniversary Cupcake Tower


This is my 8-tier tower an 100 cupcakes (give or take :-)).
This one was planned a couple months in advance, which I like. I still don't like my scroll work, but I will keep working on it. I've also included a pic of my inspiration cake that the customer requested. Thank you to all names listed on this pic!

The cala lillies are edible. My second attempt at those. They are made from fondant as well as all the cutouts on each cupcake. The hearts were cut by my dear husband, Martin. I brushed them with edible, gold luster dust. The cake is covered in fondant and the ribbon with corsage pins were added to the bottom. No blowouts with this cake! Yeah!

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake Tower


This was for a sweet little girl turning 1. This was first time making these cute little strawberries from fondant. The bottom picture was my inspiration cake. Thank you Little Sugar Bake Shop!! The Mom did not want her cake covered in fondant, so I used all buttercream to attempt to make the same design. I had a huge blowout on this cake before the top pink scalloped edging was put on. So I had to redo a couple of the green stripes and recover an area with the buttercream along the side of the cake. All went well though!

How to Preserve the Top Layer of a Wedding Cake

How to Preserve the Top Layer of a Wedding Cake |

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Purses & Shoes Cupcake Tower


I was asked to do another purses & shoes cake/cupcake tower for a birthday party for a wonderful lady named Katina who I've worked with for a few months now doing some cake orders. She truly is one of the most beautiful people, both inside and out that I've ever met! I was thrilled and honored to do this cake for her. She is a true diva! I found this shoe Christmas ornament at Garden Ridge and just had to have it for her. I fell in love with the colors and just went with it! I hope she liked it!

Wedding Cupcake Tower - Browns and Dusty Blues


For a wedding I did. Bride chose all the details of this cake. Lillies are made from edible fondant. Monogram disks are made from edible fondant and stamped with brown food powder diluted with vodka and then brushed with luster dust. The bride wanted a special cupcake for her and her husband to bite into together at the same time during the traditional cake cutting ceremony. I believe they were going to save the top cake for their 1-year-anniversary. The bride sent me the pic of their cake cutting ceremony, but they switched it up a little and a cupcake eating ceremony. Too cute! I have to add, the bride looked GORGEOUS! I will post a pic of her when I get them.

2 Tier Horse Theme Cake/Cupcake Tower


A special thanks to Cakes by Ashley for supplying me with the template for this cake.

Yet another learning process. So apparently "blow outs" as they are referred to is a common, horrible issue when working with fondant-covered cakes. I had 2 with this one. One of which was almost 24 hours after I covered the cake. I guess gas bubbles form in the cakes and they have to escape. They are also called cake farts. Gross. But oh so true. There has got to be a way to prevent these. Apparently, the more dry and dense a cake is, the less this happens. Which is why, I bet, I have heard many people complain about their real fancy wedding cakes not tasting great. My cakes are so moist, almost to a fault I think. I don't want to change them yet, if I can prevent it.

Then the poor horse's leg broke on site as I was putting him on! Oh well, you live and you learn. I believe the Mom was pleased though, which is all that matters.

A 50th Birthday cake for a Dad


Two sisters asked for a pretty birthday cake for their father for his 50th birthday. This was the design they chose. This is a 6" square, red velvet cake, covered in buttercream and fondant colored ivory. The gold balls are edible dragees and the 5 0 is edible as well.