Bunny Cake


Ok, so my daughter asked for a pink guitar for Christmas/her birthday after she saw one in a pamphlet that came to our house. I didn't think too much of it cause she's 3, will be 4 in December. But then, I just so happened to look on Craigslist and sure enough (gotta love Craigslist) there was a pink guitar for sale. It had been listed for a while so I asked if it was still for sale, if the price was negotiable and or would they be willing to trade for cakes! They said yes and so here's the cake they asked for. I still owe them another cake and so an IOU was given. But the guitar is SWEET!! I had to sneek it in to the house and it will stay up until her birthday party on the 19th. This is a 8", red velvet cake, with cream cheese filling and cream cheese/buttercream icing. I'm getting a little better with my bunnies, but have a far way to go

to perfection!

Curious George Cake and Cupcake Tower


Another fellow Triadmommie! You guys are the BEST customers! This was for Sophia who was turning 2 and obviously loves Curious George. This was a last minute order (well, a week), but the order came together smoothly, the customer prepaid and the delivery went smoothly. So great! This was my first time making a monkey, bananas, choo-choo train, and a mini cake. All edible of course. This cake is covered in fondant and there are 2 dozen cupcakes. There are yellow hats on 1 dozen and the other dozen have balloons on them, although it's hard to tell because there wasn't much clearance between tiers and the balloons had to sit way down, so they're not flying balloons like I was hoping.

Dinosaur Cake and Cupcake Tower


This order was a Triadmommies auction win. This was 4 dozen cupcakes with little toy dinos on each cupcake as well as the top cake. I molded the volcano out of fondant and RKT (rice krispy treats) and the tree was made with a wire center (next time I will use rice krispy treats) and fondant over top with fondant leaves. The little rocks are chocolate rocks I bought at the candy store. This cake is covered in fondant for those of you unfamiliar with what fondant-covered cakes look like.

Sex and the City Cake and Cupcake Tower


This was a fun theme! Every girl's dream, edible shoes, purses, lipsticks, martini's (apple and cosmopolitans of course), and pearl necklaces. This one took a lot of time, but turned out nice. Happy 22nd Birthday Amanda!

Tony Hawk Skateboard Cake and Cupcakes for a 9-year-old boy


I made little, edible skateboards and attempted to make ramps for the cupcakes. They turned out bigger than I was wanting. My ramp on the top cake ended up drooping by the time I dropped the order off. I have the pics I made the logo from and the large skateboard on the top cake. This was 3 dozen cupcakes.

Frog Cake and Cupcake Tower


This was 48 (4 dozen) cupcakes with little edible frogs. I LOVE the "3"! Thank you to my lovely hubby for helping with these!!!!!

3 Tier Cupcake Cake


Oh how I hate sugar sometimes! This was first attempt at carving my cakes. They are incredibly moist, almost to a flaw as far as decorating is concerned. Also my first time at a bow of the side of a cake. This is very difficult and I had to keep adding icing to "glue" it. I also added corsage pins to help hold it up. My cakes are just so moist, again, so to put in a thin pin, well, it's just not enough. I hope the customer was happy and the bow did not fall off before the guests got there (biting nails)!

Twilight Cake...my first scam

This was the picture I was sent and asked to replicate.
This is my cake.

This cake was originally meant for one customer who did not pay for the cake. This was the design they asked for. They sent me a picture and asked me to replicate the cake. Another family took in my cake and enjoyed it immensely! It was a horrible ordeal, as it was my first time dealing with that type of situation, but I am just glad my cake went to a nice home! The flowers were the most difficult thing about this cake. I tried for days to make them out of fondant with NO LUCK and then looked all over the Triad for a white and red ruffled tulip, but none were to be found. I called several florists to try to find real flowers, but it's winter and tulips are a spring flower so that didn't work either. Then I went to many dollar stores and other stores looking for an artificial one, which I really didn't want to use. In the end, I found these red ones at the dollar store and just went with them. I really wanted to make the chess pieces and apple out of fondant instead of plastic and a real apple like the original cake. That was a fun learning process.
Anyway, here's my Twilight cake!

Booties Baby Shower Cupcake Cake Tower


This cupcake tower was an especially special one because the little bundle of joy came earlier than due and was struggling a little as all premies do. She's doing well, but still in the hospital, so please pray for her to come home soon. The baby shower went on as planned and everyone was happy with the results of the cake and cupcakes. There were supposed to be "B-A-B-Y" disks on 4 of the cupcakes, but I had a blond moment and forgot them. I felt SOOOO bad. This is why I have to cut back on my orders per weekend because of careless mistakes like that. This is a 6", fondant-covered cake with 2 dozen cupcakes.

Cheetah Girl Theme Cupcake Tower


Golf Theme Cake & Cupcakes


This was a pickup order. There are 4 dozen cupcakes and a 6" double-layer, chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing and covered in green fondant. There was also a flag for the top cake, but I did not get that on for the pictures. This is for a boy/man turning 17 who obviously loves golf! I love my little fondant golf bag and little clubs! All the golf balls were hand-rolled and each indentation was placed by me with love!!

Puppy Theme Baby Shower Cupcake Tower


This was a baby shower tower I did for the Triadmommies auction. It was a baby shower with a puppy dog theme. The nursery bedding has puppy dogs on it. I hand-molded the pacifiers and the baby's feet were cutouts and the carriages were cutouts that I embellished a little bit. Everything has pearl luster dust on it. There were 4 dozen cupcakes on this tower. The puppy dog is my first, successful fondant/tylose hand-molded figurine.

NC Tarheel Basketball Cake


This was for a 9 year old boy's birthday who obviously LOVE the NC Tarheels basketball.

My schedule - Booked for November & December

Thank you to all for allowing me to make all these cakes and cupcakes for your special occasions! It has been a fun, daunting journey. I am not ending my business, but I need to slow it down. Since establishing Tara's Cupcakes, I have accepted a position as a Dental Hygiene Instructor at Forsyth Tech. Anyone who is or knows a teacher, understands that this requires a lot of time outside of the classroom. We also will be homeschooling our girls and Justine will be 4 in December and I need to start a Preschool regimen with structure. Although she knows already what most preschoolers learn.
I am booked for November and December.
I will take no more than 4 orders a month beginning in January. Currently, I've been accepting 4 a week! I've been telling my girls "later honey" too much lately!!
As always, my orders are first come, first serve. Please keep in mind, once you have checked to make sure I have a specific date available, please submit your order form ASAP as I only put dates on my calendar once order forms are submitted. This is our "contract" if you will.