This weekend's cakes!


This is 3 dozen cupcakes with a buttercream iced cake with all fondant accents. (Helicopter is a toy)

The helicopter, Harold, is a toy the Mom wanted on top. I wish I was that good to hand-mold that!! Everything else is edible.

I had 3 orders this weekend. Thomas for a little boy's b-day party, a bug theme cake and cupcakes for a little girl's b-day party and a flowery theme inspired by the invites for a bridal shower. The bridal shower was in VA.

Butterfly Baby Shower Cake/Cupcake Tower


This is one dozen cupcakes all chocolate buttercream icing and strawberry cake/cupcakes. This was delivered to J. Butler's on High Point Road. They were very nice and accomodating there!

Rainbow Cake


This cake is a buttercream cake and 1 dozen cupcakes with cream cheese icing and rainbow sprinkles. The only request from little 5 year old Rebecca was she wanted a rainbow on her cake. I hope she likes it!

My Biggest So Far!


A, like a married couple! He-he....What a fun night!

The 3 cakers for this event: Me, Sebastian, and Kim....It was a complete pleasure working with these guys!!!!

Ok, so today, on my 34th birthday, I catered the cake for 300+ people! I asked Kim from Cakes by Kim to help me with this one. This was the 1st Annual Save the Arts Event honoring artists from around the world. The 4 categories we represented in the cupcakes were architects, painters, sculptors, and photographers. The cake was a 3 tier cake which fed 150 servings. This was my biggest cake ever. Kim did half of the cupcake edibles as well as the edible award which was a replica 6" x 10" of the actual award given to the nominees this evening. Kim also helped me decorate the cake. We really had a good time and everyone we worked with for this event was great! If you need a great event planner, please contact Wendi at She's great! We also had the pleasure of meeting Sebastian from Sebastian's Dessertery and he was SO nice and his cake was SO yummy! I will post his cake pic later. He made a life-size version of the award. It was as big as a table!

Just joined a new site....thought I'd share!!


This is a great gal by the name of Melissa Diamond. Many of you know her cause she has done many of cakes!!!! She now has this great site with LOTS of tutorials and great inside tips to help the beginning cakers up to (somewhat advanced :-)) cakers like me. Check it out! It's only $30 for the first, whole 3 months! Then only $8/month after that. Great deal!

3 Tier Cupcake 1st Birthday Cake


This week I had the pleasure of making 2 cakes for the same customer. She was wonderful to work with and seemed to really enjoy the results! The first one was Elmo. She purchased the Elmo candle for the top of the cake and the edible Elmo candies for the cupcakes. I simply made the edible name/Sesame street sign plaque for the top cake. This was 2 dozen cupcakes and a buttercream-covered cake.

The second cake was a theme of polka dots/circles and stripes and of course cupcakes.

I have uploaded the pic of the plates I used for inspiration. Ok, so this is a prime example of why I can not and typically won't do any carving with my cakes. People are all the time asking me to carve a cake in to a particular shape and I say no usually because my cakes are SO moist, that they won't hold their shape. I know how to make my cake dryer so it would, but I don't want to do that. So, just a warning to any future customers, if your cake requires carving as did the small cupcake I made from a cake did, I will have to "toughen up" you cake batter. I should have wrapped the bottom of the cake, which would the representative "wrapping" of the cupcake, in fondant. The cake was being used as a smash cake and the family is not a big fan of fondant, therefore, I didn't. Anyway, the more the cake leans, the yummier it will be! BTW, she said the top cake did not fall! Yeah!

Baby Shower for Baby Boy


Ok, so this was my first time hand-molding a edible, gumpaste, HUMAN figurine. The proportions are a little off, i.e. her breasts and her legs (LOL), but overall, she turned out ok. This cake is covered in fondant and there are 3 dozen cupcakes. After making these stripes, I purchased a tool that will allow me to make those straighter next time. This was a fun order! Thanks Ashley!