Elmo! Trains! Tinkerbell! Oh my!!



Here's what I did this weekend! Still waiting on pics from a Thomas cake I did because of course, I forgot my camera!!!

Call me!

If anyone wants to discuss a lot of details for an order, you can call me anytime before 9:30 p.m. Usually between 7:30-9:30 p.m. is the best time to contact me, as my children are in bed and I am free to talk! Sometimes emailing can actually take longer if there are many details to your order or if you have lots of questions. Also, my order form is a .pdf file and on some computers, it doesn't want to work well. If you have any issues with it, please just call me or put all the info that's asked on the order form in a Word Document. There are SO MANY details that goes in to each and every order and I'm still trying to find the best, most smooth way to take orders. Thank you everyone for your continued support and confidence!!

1st Birthday Monkey Theme Cake & Cupcake Tower


This was 3 dozen cupcakes with all buttercream icing. The monkey was hand-molded from chocolate gumpaste. Looks like little Brady liked it!

This week's cakes!

This was 3 dozen cupcakes. The client provided the sweet Eeyore figurine for the top of the cake. There were 12 hand-made, gumpaste daisies for the top cake. I loved how the little bumble bees turned out!

This was a last minute order, but boy was it fun and turned out pretty nice. This was 4 dozen cupcakes. The babies being honored at this baby shower are 9 months old. This was a belated baby shower due to the babied being born 3 months premature and of course dealing with all the health issues that come along with that. Tate and Ella are SO cute and very healthy! This cake is covered in buttercream and fondant was used as the accents.

These were chocolate butterflies. All buttercream cake with fondant accents. The cupcake rings were provided by the client. This is 2 dozen cupcakes.

This weekend's cakes!!

Definitely my ugliest cake ever! An armadillo cake for a bridal shower in Georgia. It was red velvet cake of course! Covered in fondant and hand-painted. There are various colors of armadillos, but I wish I had done grays instead.
Edible frontloader...I used graham crackers for the dirt...the sign is an edible image...the items on the cupcakes are cupcake picks. This was 3 dozen cupcakes.

My first wedding cake....Also, my first hexagon cake......The ribbon is fabric....the red gerbera daisies are made from edible fondant.