Another year of fabulous!


A 60-year-old surprise birthday party! How fun! There were 7 dozen cupcakes. The top cake is 6" zebra cake with zebra print design also. The bling buckle is not edible.

Skating cake and cupcakes


Tha skate is edible, but the disco ball was a Christmas ornament that the customer supplied!

Wonder Pets


This ended up being a much bigger cake than I had originally planned. Me and my grande ideas!
This oval cake feeds, which was chocolate with chocolate buttercream filling and chocolate ganache icing feeds approximately 25 people. There were 2 dozen cupcakes.

2 Tier 50th Birthday Cake


This was a 6" on a 10" cake covered in fondant with all fondant/gumpaste accents. The cake was a dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and ganache icing. The colors were so pretty. Everything is food safe/edible except the jewelry on the bow. This cake will feed approximately 50 people. I delivered this cake at Macaroni Grill at the Friendly Shopping Center.

Terracota Bridal Shower


Don't you just love these colors?! This was a bridal shower. There were 3 dozen cupcakes with buttercream icing and fondant gerbera flowers on each. The cake is a 6" round, buttercream iced pound cake with fondant/gumpaste accents. I just love how these colors blended well together.

Hello Kitty


This turned out to be such a pretty cake. All edible flowers and bows. The Hello Kitty was a marshmallow sucker the customer purchased at Walgreens. We took the stick out and it was PERFECT! There were 2 dozen cupcakes with various sprinkles.

Fun, fun!


This was fun! The table was decorated with real sand, seashells and boogie fun! This was 3 dozen cupcakes with edible surfboards all hand painted differently. The surfer dude represented the groom and the bikini girl the bride of course. They live in CA. I spread buttercream icing on the board and sprinkled crushed graham crackers on there and gold sanding sugar.

Carved Stitch cake


This cake will feed approximately 60 people. What a challenge this one was!

Love Strawberry Shortcake!

Gotta love Jody Gall Photography! She is a Triadmommie.

Front of cake

Back of cake

My little girls kept coming in to the dining room to check the progress of this cake as I worked. So fun! All the characters are edible images attached to fondant pieces and then secured on to alollipop stick. This cake will feed approximately 45 servings. The rocks/stones in front are chocolate rocks I found at Walmart! I also was able to get a quick pic of the birthday girl eating her slice of cake. I made a smash cake yesterday that her Mom came and picked up and they had professional photos made and let her smash in to the cake. I will hopefully add those pics soon.

Zebra Theme Cake


The Zebra is handmolded gumpaste, 6" buttercream cake with 4 dozen zebra striped cupcakes. Very fun theme!