Graduation Theme Cupcake/Cake Tower for Neighborhood Children


So with this one I learned that definitely it is the moisture, NOT heat that had been melting my fondant cutouts. I luckily caught some of them that were starting to melt and took them off the cupcakes and set them on my drying foam to dry up and reharden for the day. Only one did not survive. I hand cut all these fondant graduation hat cutouts. I could not find a cookie cutter locally and there was no time to order off the internet. Plus, it was only for 2 dozen cakes.
I also am still working on mixing my icing colors to achieve the color I envision in my head. I am always afraid of ruining a batch of icing by adding too much color. I really should practice with a batch and make small batches up of different colors, but I hate to waist the icing!