2 Tier Horse Theme Cake/Cupcake Tower


A special thanks to Cakes by Ashley for supplying me with the template for this cake.

Yet another learning process. So apparently "blow outs" as they are referred to is a common, horrible issue when working with fondant-covered cakes. I had 2 with this one. One of which was almost 24 hours after I covered the cake. I guess gas bubbles form in the cakes and they have to escape. They are also called cake farts. Gross. But oh so true. There has got to be a way to prevent these. Apparently, the more dry and dense a cake is, the less this happens. Which is why, I bet, I have heard many people complain about their real fancy wedding cakes not tasting great. My cakes are so moist, almost to a fault I think. I don't want to change them yet, if I can prevent it.

Then the poor horse's leg broke on site as I was putting him on! Oh well, you live and you learn. I believe the Mom was pleased though, which is all that matters.