3 Tier Wedding Cake


This was a 3 tier, all white, pleated wedding cake. The bride did not want flowers on it initially, but I think it was maybe just a tad bit too plain without something. She added the LOVE plaque and I placed some flowers she had available on top. The picture with the calla lillies is the pic she sent me and requested her cake to look like. I used different sizes of tiers and my cake is not quite as smooth as the inspiration cake. I bake 2 days before the event, decorate the day before, so my cakes are TOO fresh for decoration purposes. Also, my cakes are REALLY moist, so they bulge a little for all these reasons. Especially with the weight of upper tiers even with dowel supports. It's a flaw to cakers and maybe customers, but I refuse to freeze my cakes are use old cakes to make them more durable and easier to make look perfect. Have you ever watched Cake Boss? He throws his cakes up in the air for fun as he assembles them!! I can barely get mine from the cooling rack to the board without them breaking!! I have to chill them for a while just to ice so they don't tear. It's a hassle, but I'm not changing it!

This was all done in fondant. The top tier is an 8" and was lemon flavor, the middle tier is 10" and was strawberry, the bottom tier was a 12" (my biggest yet) and was chocolate chip. This will feed approximately 90 people.