Solar System - Planets Cake & Cupcake Tower


I actually learned some things about our solar system with this order. Henry, the birthday boy, wanted Pluto on his cake even though, I guess, it's no longer technically a planet. I really wanted to have the planets sticking out the sides of the cake, but I was too nervous to do it because the planets, although I tried to make them smaller and lighter, were heavy, so I was afraid it would break the cake if they were sticking directly out the sides. I used straws inserted first and then put the wires with the planets down in the straws, then covered up the holes with icing.
Of course, I left out of the house to deliver without my camera. This lovely shot is from my camera phone. This was an order of 2 dozen cupcakes. It was a egg-free, nut-free, milk-free cake and cupcakes.