3 Tier Cupcake 1st Birthday Cake


This week I had the pleasure of making 2 cakes for the same customer. She was wonderful to work with and seemed to really enjoy the results! The first one was Elmo. She purchased the Elmo candle for the top of the cake and the edible Elmo candies for the cupcakes. I simply made the edible name/Sesame street sign plaque for the top cake. This was 2 dozen cupcakes and a buttercream-covered cake.

The second cake was a theme of polka dots/circles and stripes and of course cupcakes.

I have uploaded the pic of the plates I used for inspiration. Ok, so this is a prime example of why I can not and typically won't do any carving with my cakes. People are all the time asking me to carve a cake in to a particular shape and I say no usually because my cakes are SO moist, that they won't hold their shape. I know how to make my cake dryer so it would, but I don't want to do that. So, just a warning to any future customers, if your cake requires carving as did the small cupcake I made from a cake did, I will have to "toughen up" you cake batter. I should have wrapped the bottom of the cake, which would the representative "wrapping" of the cupcake, in fondant. The cake was being used as a smash cake and the family is not a big fan of fondant, therefore, I didn't. Anyway, the more the cake leans, the yummier it will be! BTW, she said the top cake did not fall! Yeah!