My Biggest So Far!


A, like a married couple! He-he....What a fun night!

The 3 cakers for this event: Me, Sebastian, and Kim....It was a complete pleasure working with these guys!!!!

Ok, so today, on my 34th birthday, I catered the cake for 300+ people! I asked Kim from Cakes by Kim to help me with this one. This was the 1st Annual Save the Arts Event honoring artists from around the world. The 4 categories we represented in the cupcakes were architects, painters, sculptors, and photographers. The cake was a 3 tier cake which fed 150 servings. This was my biggest cake ever. Kim did half of the cupcake edibles as well as the edible award which was a replica 6" x 10" of the actual award given to the nominees this evening. Kim also helped me decorate the cake. We really had a good time and everyone we worked with for this event was great! If you need a great event planner, please contact Wendi at She's great! We also had the pleasure of meeting Sebastian from Sebastian's Dessertery and he was SO nice and his cake was SO yummy! I will post his cake pic later. He made a life-size version of the award. It was as big as a table!