Let's see....we have Toy Story, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Nurse/Doctor/Medical Theme


These were really fun. I did, however have a not so fun time with a batch of allergen-free cupcakes and cake. I have decided, after many unsuccessful attempts at making a good batch of allergen-free cake and cupcakes, that I will need to go back to the drawing board with a recipe. I will no longer be taking orders for the allergen-free cupcakes until then. The cake turnes out ok, so I can make a cake if you need.

The Toy Story cake was a 1/2 sheet cake cut in half and stacked. I covered it with fondant. I also tried for the first time covering my cake board in fondant to do the hard wood floor effect. I looked nice, but was tricky topick up without damaging the sides. I must be leaving out a step somewhere. My little girls have a Woody doll, so I made a mold of his head and then pressed gumpaste in to it to mold Woody's head. It turned out pretty well. I just hand-molded the rest of his body. I didn't have time to make Buzz, but would like to try him sometime.

The Mickey and Minnie Mouse cake was fun. I had some really pretty cupcakes that went with it, but they were the allergen-friendly cupcakes and during the transport to Winston-Salem, they comepletely fell apart and fell over. They had 6 Mickey heads and 6 Minnie heads with bows on top of them.