Lots of fun!


Well, I haven't slept but 3 hours total in the last 48 hours! What a weekend....but fun cakes as a result! Special thanks to Cinda at www.cindascreativecakes.com for her very helpful, personal help with the stadium cake. She SAVED me because I had never attempted a large constructed, carved cake like this. This cake feeds 75+. It was a groom's cake and the groom actually drew the design out for me. I had a basketball hoop, but it broke at delivery. Live and you learn!

The Harley cake was for a repeat customer that always has me doing fun things! She placed the bike figurine on top at delivery. Her father plays volleyball and carries this cooler around a lot, hence the little items on top. The cake gave me a little bit of a headache. It is leaning and I'm not sure what went wrong. I used bubble tea straws for the first time as supports. Not sure how I like them. It was probably something I did wrong. Very annoying!

Sesame Street! What fun! For a 1-year-old birthday party. This was 4 dozen cupcakes, a top cake and a small, cupcake carved cake on top to be smashed by the birthday girl. Each cupcake topper was hand cut, molded and painted by me. Cookie Monster was my favorite!