Cake party!


I supply EVERYTHING....right down to the apron, tablecloths, and yes, my hour of time. That's how long typically it takes to get through the cake decorating part...give or take. My least expensive package is $12 per child with a minimum of 6 children/people. This is for your choice of colors of buttercream icing, a 5"cake for each child/person, with up to 3 different flavors to choose from for the cakes. I supply aprons for the children to wear, although sometimes people purchase their own, personalized aprons for each child to wear for them to also take home. I supply the boxes, which I also personalize (if you provide the names) so the children can take their yummy creations home. I bring different types of sprinkles and will make various colors of icing to match your theme or whatever you prefer. I will help them decorate and give an hour of my time to help you out! My packages go up from here depending on if you would like a larger cake, fondant incorporated with cutters, etc, and also things like molded figures for the guests to make, cupcakes decorated, etc.