Bridal Shower Cupcake Tower- Carolina blue & dark brown color theme


This was for a bridal shower I did recently. All went really smoothly and turned out nice. Everything is edible fondant, except for the ribbon. Some of the cupcakes I covered in fondant per the request of the customer. I like that look!
I bought these cupcake liners (black) from Viking Imports and they are horrible!! This is my second time using them and both times they pull away from the cupcake as the cake cools. Why in the world would you make and sell a cupcake liner that doesn't attach to the cupcake? I just sat the cupcake down in to another liner and it was alright. I'm just going to use my plain old white ones from now on. They never fail AND they're bigger!
(This is 3 dozen cupcakes on my square tower)