The Powerpuff Girls Cupcake/Cake Tower


Happy Birthday Addy!
Prior to this order I knew NOTHING about The Powerpuff Girls. Now I do. The PPG logo is hand-cut from fondant. Piped, by hand with royal icing for the lettering. The pink balls around the bottom edge are candy-covered chocolates. The Mom supplied the PPG figurines and cupcake rings and picks. Without these, this cake would have been boring. They were great! Addy said, "Wow, it's so beautiful!" That made me happy.
The next morning after I put this cake together, this darn cake started to crack for some reason. I still think it's because my cakes are too moist and the weight of the fondant covering and embellishments weigh the cake down. Anyway, I'm still learning. I've only been doing this, what, 5 months maybe. All self-taught. Anyway, thanks for looking...gotta get back to a cake order!