Twilight first scam

This was the picture I was sent and asked to replicate.
This is my cake.

This cake was originally meant for one customer who did not pay for the cake. This was the design they asked for. They sent me a picture and asked me to replicate the cake. Another family took in my cake and enjoyed it immensely! It was a horrible ordeal, as it was my first time dealing with that type of situation, but I am just glad my cake went to a nice home! The flowers were the most difficult thing about this cake. I tried for days to make them out of fondant with NO LUCK and then looked all over the Triad for a white and red ruffled tulip, but none were to be found. I called several florists to try to find real flowers, but it's winter and tulips are a spring flower so that didn't work either. Then I went to many dollar stores and other stores looking for an artificial one, which I really didn't want to use. In the end, I found these red ones at the dollar store and just went with them. I really wanted to make the chess pieces and apple out of fondant instead of plastic and a real apple like the original cake. That was a fun learning process.
Anyway, here's my Twilight cake!