Black and White Formal


This was for a birthday party for a photographer. This is 2 dozen cupcakes with edible flowers on each cupcake, a 8" cake iced with buttercream and then fondant scrolling that was handcut, hot pink flower and a edible camera made from rice krispy treats and fondant. There was an edible image of the birthday girl/photographer on the back of the camera. The cake was strawberry and the cupcakes were lemon flavor. I delivered this to a beautiful restaurant in High Point called Gullah, Gullah.
This was for a 3 year old little bot's birthday. Sesame Street was the theme of course! I delivered to the Children's Museum in Greensboro. This was 3 dozen cupcakes with a 6" top cake. The are cupcake rings for each cupcake and a seet up characters as well for the top cake. This was all yellow cake with buttercream icing.