Just a few notes.....

I just wanted to remind all my existing customer as well as any potential customers about how the return of my cupcake tower is handled. I LOVE delivering to you all, and I do so for free to little money, but I do not come back to pick up the towers....sorry! I feel, the time before the party is the most stressful and I love being able to handle that one part of the event for you by delivering the cake and setting it up. One less run for you to worry about that day. However, is you order a cupcake tower, please remember, as stated on my order form, YOU must return this back to me within 24 hours unless I tell you otherwise. Since I work in Winston-Salem and live in Greensboro, I drive I40 all the time and have no problem meeting you somewhere along my route, which makes less driving for those of you who live a ways out. We'll arrange all of that during the ordering process. I just wanted to remind everyone again to consider this potential inconvenience when placing an order.

My summer availability:
Starting next week, I will be able to take a lot more orders each week since I'm only working part time in the summer and can give more time to my cakes. Once the end of August comes, however, I will be taking only 1 per week until December. Thanks!